Spectrum Super Stars March 2022

Congratulations to Michael and Clarissa Wright, our stars for the month for March 2022!

Michael & Clarissa say...

Hi! Our names are Michael and Clarissa Wright. We are father and daughter and have been volunteering at the monthly Spectrum meetings since October 2021. We have been helping set up the Audio/Video projectors for the monthly presenters. Clarissa and I also help with setting up the snacks and chairs in the main meeting room. Each meeting is fun and engaging! We decided to volunteer since we wanted to learn more and give back to this wonderful community. We have both learned a lot from interesting presenters at each meeting that specialize in different areas. The highlight for us was the December meeting when we got to hang out with Santa in the photo room helping everyone get their photos made with Mr. and Mrs. Claus. We’ve seen firsthand how the Spectrum community gives their time and hearts to make each meeting an engaging experience.


We are so grateful for volunteers like Michael and Clarissa and always love having anyone interested signing up to help with meetings, events and more so sign up below if interested!