Spectrum Super Star April 2022

Congratulations to Spectrum’s star of the month for April, Vikki Siry

Vikki Siri

Hi, my name is Vikki. Though I have not been with Spectrum long, I have enjoyed my volunteering experience thus so far. I officially started working with Spectrum in September 2021. I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful souls and collaborate with them on working toward building a stronger community. Whether it's from attending the monthly ArtReach meetings or helping out at events, I am always glad to be there knowing that it makes a difference in people's lives. My favorite event to volunteer at is the monthly ArtReach meetings. I get to bond and create art with women on the spectrum. In addition, I get to see the creativity and vivid imaginations of everyone through their artwork. I would like to especially thank Mrs. Claire Dees for these amazing opportunities. The people here have definitely made a positive impact on my life.

Vikki Siri

We are so grateful for interns provided by GSMST ( Gwinnett School for Math, Science and Technology) each year. Vikki has been a standout this year as she has embraced a variety of rich experiences with Spectrum and done a phenomenal job. We wish her the best in her next endeavors as she heads to college in the fall and hope that the impact her Spectrum experience has made in her life will assist her in making a meaningful difference in the world.

Claire Dees
Executive Director