Mom's Day Out

May 04, 2024 • 10am-2pm

Spectrum Autism Support Center - 2997 Main St., Duluth GA 30096

Join us for a luncheon and a day just for you, including massages, crafts, fun activities, inspirational speaker, and fellowship with other moms!

Mom's Day Out 2024

About The Guest Speaker

Deketa Tranae is the Founder and CEO of Pure Necessity by Deketa Tranae®. She is a traveler, foodie and fashionista whose energy, passion and giving spirit has propelled her success. The core values that drive her purpose are spirituality, advocacy, resilience and legacy (wealth building).

To keep her clients inspired on their journeys, Deketa Tranae is their biggest cheerleader. From her motivational social media posts, to speaking in front of intimate to large audiences, she passionately delivers a message of "resilience" as the most important component to manifesting one’s dreams.

What gets you out of your bed every single morning besides your job? What is your driving force when life keeps coming at you with curve balls and sour lemons?

Deketa Tranae awakens her audience to fulfill their passions and purpose. She will provide you with an understanding of how to navigate life with Resilience while exuding humility. These characteristics will elevate you as a vessel that has greater value and meaning than just being a parent, best friend, or employee-of-the-month.

“R&R: Rest and Resilience in the Midst of a Shift” will slap you out of bed and have you sprinting to what you were birthed to do!

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