Spectrum Super Stars February 2024

Congratulations to our February stars of the month, Connor, Emily, and Sasha!

Spectrum Supers Stars - February 2024

Our Stars for the Month of February are Connor, Emily and Sasha. Congratulations for their outstanding job with Love on the Spectrum, Season 2 featured on Netflix! If you have not watched yet, do check it out. Spectrum's Table Talk event is featured and you will see other familiar Spectrum faces. This amazing trio is helping to educate the world about autism. Emily says "I owe a lot of things in life to Spectrum. My friends, my career, and my newfound fame! They became my support net when I moved from Connecticut to Georgia, and for that I will always be grateful." Sasha says she really enjoys the Table Talk events "because she gets to meet new people and it builds her confidence" referring to her recent attendance. Connor posted on Instagram that he had a "fun Saturday night with friends while attending Table Talk" and then shared his notorious quote "Love is a dagger!" Let's all celebrate these amazing young adults!