Teen Saturday Social Club

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Spectrum's Teen Saturday Social Club will provide a safe space for teens on the spectrum, ages 12-18. Participants need to have independent self help skills, and able to function with minimal supervision. (Ratio of 3 staff to up to 25 participants) The group will meet on Saturdays from 4 pm - 6 pm. (see dates on flyer) They will play board games or video games, enjoy karaoke, or watch movies with friends. The club will be managed by Social Skills Today and supervised by professional staff that will facilitate the members to help make new friends and strengthen social skills.


This will be like a gym membership where you pay $150 for a 6-week membership to participate any or all Saturdays. You must register but then can attend as often or as little as you want. Registration opens July 1!

Upcoming Teen Saturday Social Club

Sept. 7
Sept. 14
Sept. 21
Oct. 5
Oct. 12
Oct. 19