Spectrum Super Star July 2016

CONGRATS to this month's Spectrum Super Stars!

Rebecca Laco and Cailyn McClung

We are happy to recognize Rebecca Laco and Cailyn McClung as our July 2016 Spectrum Super Stars of the month!

We love recognizing Junior Super Stars! On Friday, July 8th two young girls set up a lemonade stand to raise money for people in need in our community. Rebecca Laco and Cailyn McClung decided the charities would be Spectrum, a local cystic fibrosis chapter, and the recent flood victims of West Virginia. Rebecca is a regular at most Spectrum events as her brother, Jacob, is on the autism spectrum. She regularly attends the sibling group that meets during the monthly meetings. Rebecca says she chose Spectrum "Because Jacob and her go to Spectrum and my family has lots of fun there" . Rebecca also says "I like Spectrum because it helps other families like mine". Cailyn was so impacted by the recent tragedy in West Virginia that she decided she needed to do something and raising money was the answer. Cailyn says "people lost their homes and their lives and I just want to help". She also says she wants to help people "around the world who have conditions and don't feel good".

The girls raised $50.43 that will be split between the 3 charities, with Spectrum getting $16.81. Just imagine what the world would be like if more people had the determination to help like these 2 young girls. They are trying to make a difference one lemonade and one penny at a time and by our accounts they are doing that! We’d love to challenge other children to host their own lemonade stand and join the Junior Super Star Lemonade Challenge. All participants will be recognized at the September Spectrum meeting and will receive a Spectrum Star!

Thank you Rebecca and Cailyn for your support of Spectrum!