Spectrum Super Star April 2018

Alana Rothstein is currently getting her master of social work degree at University of GA and completing her internship with the GA Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (GaLEND). GaLEND focuses on creating better health equity and quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities like autism and so many more. Alana says “This internship has opened her eyes to a world that I didn’t have much experience with before and now am really excited to be a part of. GaLEND has introduced me to fantastic organizations like Spectrum. Working with kids and adults with autism who are a part of Spectrum has been truly fulfilling and so much fun! Every week I look forward to drama club, singing and laughing with the kids, and being a part of an organization that enriches their lives. I can wait to go Into The Woods!”

A big thank you to Alana for choosing Spectrum for her internship! Spectrum is so grateful for opportunities to work with interns and appreciate the difference they make! Congratulations on being a Spectrum Star!