Vanguard Digital

The definition of Vanguard perfectly describes our formation:


  1. a group of people leading the way in new development and ideas.
  2.  a position in the forefront of new development or ideas
  3.  the forefront of action or movement.

When you are small and nimble you can quickly react to the needs of an industry and adopt new technology. We started from the ground up and designed a new fresh look, included all customer requested features and used high quality components that are built to last. The result, a printer and a group of people that deliver on performance and create a sense of belonging and pride of ownership that is like no other in our industry.

Becoming part of the Vanguard Digital Printing Systems Family is not just a one time purchase. We want to grow with you as your business grows. From entry level, to high production and now blazingly fast one pass solutions, our relationship will last for many successful years.