Spectrum Super Star May 2021

Pratik MidhaCongratulations to our Star of the Month for the month of May, Pratik Midha!

Pratik raised money from his lemonade stand to donate to Spectrum to make a difference for individuals and families impacted autism in our community. Way to go Pratik! We hope he will inspire others to do similar fundraisers to make a difference.

Pratik says:

The “Spectrum Autism is an organization that helps kids with autism. I feel like I am not alone. I have friends. In the summer you can go to a camp with a counselor. The group is autism friendly”

Pratik’s mom Inuha Midha says:

Pratik wanted to do the lemonade stand because he has a special place in his heart for Spectrum. This organization and all its wonderful founding members and staff helped Pratik to overcome the darkest phase of his life at a tender age of just 6 years old, when he was almost forced to move out of his previous school to a new school, a new county, a new house. He had to leave behind his dear friends at school and the fond memories he made at the house he was born in. As he was struggling to process this sudden change, he found "Spectrum" as the place of comfort where he could be free and be himself and not being judged upon, and yet was able to make lifelong friends here when he attended their day programs, summer camps, family outings and overnight camps etc. Spectrum became a lifeline for our family, full of unlimited support, and wonderful resources which we were seeking out desperately in those difficult times. We continue to stay connected with our big extended Spectrum family 8 years later and are very grateful for how it helped our son Pratik to boost his self confidence in himself and now he wants to give back to Spectrum for all they is doing for children on the spectrum and their families by raising donations through this lemonade stand.