Spectrum Super Stars March 2019

Congratulations to Geneva Moore and Cheesecake Factory, Mall of Georgia, Spectrum Super Stars for March!

Geneva is the Assistant General Manager at The Cheesecake Factory Mall of Georgia. Geneva says “I first became affiliated with Spectrum when my son was diagnosed with Autism. I was looking for support for my family and my mother-in-law found a link for social classes for us to check out. I was inspired by the work Spectrum did in the community providing recourses for children, young adults, and parents to connect. I wanted to help and become apart of their resource community. I have had the pleasure of working for The Cheesecake Factory for the last 18 years and the one value I have adopted in my life is “people are our greatest resource.” I have used this value through my Autism journey focusing on the fact that he is a person that has skills that will be used as a resource one day. I am learning and teaching that a label does not define potential. When I approached my General Manager Alex Tompkins about hiring staff on the Spectrum his response was “I hire people, not labels, if they can perform the duties, maintain a positive attitude, and handle the volume bring them in.” We have hired 3 staff members on the spectrum and they have become a great asset to our team. The Cheesecake Factory standard is to hire people who are hospitable and gracious ; willing to show hospitality not only to our guests, but to our staff as well. Spectrum is a much needed and appreciated program in our community. Claire has become a true gem in our Cheesecake family sending great talent our way! I am glad to be apart of a program that opens doors and opportunities to young adults on the spectrum”.

Geneva is the real gem! Thank you Geneva for all you do to make a difference in our community!