Spectrum Super Stars July 2019

Congratulations to our Spectrum Super Stars for July! We are so grateful for our GSMST Junior Interns: Jasiah, Raheel, Anesh and Madison!

Spectrum loves working with interns, and especially GSMST interns. We are fortunate this summer to have 4 amazing interns who are enjoying their intern experience in our summer day camps. Each has submitted a sentence about why they have enjoyed working with Spectrum and as you can see, it is all about our kids!

Jasiah Anderson – “I love walking around with so many different kids, and it really makes me happy to see them have fun and make friends. These kids deserve a chance to have fun and be themselves like everyone else”.

Raheel Patel – “What I like about Spectrum’s summer camp is seeing the kids have fun that they would not have experienced if not for this camp”.

Anesh Kawall – “I really enjoy talking and playing with all the kindhearted and good-natured kids which fills me with happiness”.

Madison Juarez-Lopez – “My favorite part of volunteering at Spectrum is the moment when the children smile at me, laugh with me, give me a hug, or when children that aren’t very vocal say something to me and fill me with joy.”

Congratulations and thank you for making a difference for individuals and families impacted by autism in our community!