Spectrum Super Stars December 2021

Congratulations to Yash Sajja Spectrum's star of the month for December!

Yash SajjaYash is an 11-year old who worked with Boost Kids, an organization empowering kids to give back the world, to raise money for Spectrum. Their hope is that kids will use their talents and passions to raise money for a charity important to them. Kids Boost provides encouragement, support, including one-on-one coaching, start up funds, and resources to help along the way.

Yash decided to use his love for public speaking and performing to raise awareness and funds for Spectrum by first performing a drum and stand up routine at his birthday party and then hosting a virtual talent show for kids of all abilities. Yash worked very hard to make this vision a reality. He created a flyer and sponsorship packet for his talent show, sent numerous personalized emails to family, friends and potential sponsors, and hosted both events.

Thank you, Yash, for choosing Spectrum! Yash, you are amazing! We hope you will stay involved and volunteer with us when you can.

Yash Sajja

A few words from Yash...

Hello, I am Yash. I want to share with you why this project was important and why I picked Spectrum. It started a couple of months back for my 11 th birthday, when I decided to help children on the autism spectrum. I researched nonprofits and found Spectrum and was super shocked with the way they helped the autism community. So, I picked Spectrum to support. I was also excited about this project because I was going to be raising so much money and enjoyed spreading awareness. It also made me feel so happy that I was going to be helping so many kids. I also have a friend who is on the spectrum and his unique qualities appeal to me and I have a lot of fun with him. I thank Spectrum and the whole community as I learned a lot about Autism Spectrum which motivates me to do more and more. My three points when speaking about how we can help and support the autism community are:

  1. First off, make friends with people who are on the autism spectrum. You can support them and they can help you in ways you cannot even imagine.
  2. Next thing I believe is it’s our responsibility to stand up for them when they get bullied and protect them.
  3. Third thing we can do is treat them with kindness like you treat your best friend.

Very wise words, Yash!

Spectrum Autism Support Group is so grateful for the donation of $21,465.60 to make a difference for the work Spectrum does in supporting individuals and families impacted by autism in our community. (80% of the $26,832.00 funds raised go to Spectrum and 20% goes back to Kids Boost to allow more children the opportunity to participate). If your child is interested in getting involved with Kids Boost check them out at www.kidsboost.org