Spectrum Super Star September 2019

Congratulations to our Spectrum Super Star for September, Maria Sanabria!

Spectrum is so grateful for all the give-back Maria has made to Spectrum and our families over the past 5 years! Maria says, “My history with Spectrum began several years ago in 2015, where a leadership group I was part of called Aiming High selected to sponsor a Spectrum event. I was hooked by love and the community I felt from the children, families, staff, and volunteers. Ever since I have been actively involved in volunteering my time and helping raise awareness and funds for the Respite Program, Summer/Fall Camps, Georgia Race for Autism, and partaking in seasonal local outings such as the Easter Egg Hunt. As a leader, my vision in life is contributing to a world where everyone has a sense of worth, know they matter, and are empowered to live to their highest possibility. Spectrum embodies these same values. They improve the lives of individuals and families impacted by autism by offering support, education, and resources. They even provide services to give parents a break from caregiving, and helping them socially connect with families in similar circumstances that they can relate to. These small things can make the biggest difference to families who would otherwise be struggling in isolation. This year I was fortunate enough to be in a position to volunteer and sponsor a camper for the summer weeklong Camp Journey and sponsor 2 families for Spectrum Family camp. It has been a blessing to be part of these families’ lives, building lasting memories with them, and watching the journey of these loving children I’ve met along the way as they become young beautiful productive adults, and in some cases find employment and become more self-sufficient. It brings me great fulfillment and joy to know that I contributed in some small way to helping these families thrive”.

What an example of paying it forward Maria is! Spectrum would love others to consider sponsoring an individual for a camp week or program we offer or sponsor an entire family for Spectrum Family Camp! Donations can be made at atl-spectrum.com and designate sponsor a camper.