Spectrum Super Star November 2022

Congratulations to Korede Ogun, Erin Kim & Jayson Mgundu, stars of the month for November!

Spectrum thanks our JFE interns from GSMST High School Korede Oguns, Erin Kim and Jayson Ngundu, who have volunteered for the fall semester. They have been helping with monthly meetings, Spectrum family camp, Georgia Race for Autism, creating video projects and flyers for events and doing research for grants along with whatever was needed to  make a difference for our organization as well as for individuals and families impacted by autism. We congratulate each of them for being our stars of the month for November!


Korede Oguns says: My name is Korede Oguns. I interned with Spectrum Autism support group for 3 months (September to November). I have enjoyed my time greatly at Spectrum - from meeting new people, to helping out at events, and creating posters. Mrs.Dees has been a wonderful mentor and I have enjoyed working with her and her team. I love volunteering at the events and I hope to continue in the future.


Erin Kim says: My time with Spectrum has been one of the most unique experiences I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. My favorite was the weekend family camp due to the various outdoor activities I got to help and experience. Overall, Spectrum has taught me the importance of patience, communication, and hard work. I’m also very grateful for my understanding mentor, Ms. Claire Dees, and the other caring interns/volunteers I met through Spectrum.


Jayson Ngundu completed his needed hours and left the internship early but we LOVED him. He took the lead on many projects and had an amazing attitude and such a wonderful rapport with our children and their families. He was a valuable part of the team and was instrumental in organizing this group into a team and they worked together on many of the assigned projects.


We will miss them all and wish them the greatest success in the future. We hope that the internship experience will help in their lives and careers as they go forward to change the world!