Spectrum Super Star March 2017

CONGRATS to this month's Spectrum Super Star!

James and Tammy Roper

We are happy to recognize James and Tammy Roper as our March 2017 Spectrum Super Stars of the month!

We are thrilled to present James and Tammy Roper as our Spectrum Stars of the month for March as they are true Super Stars in our eyes!

Many of you will recognize the Ropers as they are regular volunteers at our Camp Journey weekends, summer week-long and our Spectrum Family Weekend. James and Tammy VOLUNTEER their time for these events and never accept any payment. We are so thankful to have such dedicated volunteers serving our children and families.

James says, "I love volunteering at Spectrum because it allows me to be able to let go of everyday stress and be around normal people. The kids I work with are spectacular and out of this world smart. I learn more in a week or a weekend with these exceptional kids than I do at any other time during the year. Mu heart almosts bursts out of my chest when the kids I have spent time with at either a weekend camp or the week long come back to camp and I hear 'Hey, Mr. James' and they give me high fives. Volunteering at the Spectrum's week long camp and all the weekend camps is much more rewarding to me that anything else I could ever do. I love the kids, and the loving and caring people at Spectrum. Their love for these kids is inspiring. The kids themselves are the most awesome people I have ever met and the past 3 years of working with Spectrum has been the most reqarding of my life. The kids give me much more than I can ever give back to them. This is why I plan to volunteer to work with these wonderful kids for many, many years to come."

Thank you James and Tammy for your support of Spectrum!