Spectrum Super Star January 2020

Spectrum Super Star for January! Congratulations to Renora Orr!

Spectrum is grateful for the support of Renora Orr and Merit Financial, generously sponsoring monthly support group meetings as well the recent “Intelligent Lives” film event. She and Merit are truly making a difference for individuals and families impacted by autism. Renora says “As a parent of a child with autism, there is a tendency to feel like you are alone. My experience of raising a child who is on the spectrum along with other learning disabilities was… and still is a challenge. Spectrum has allowed me to share my experiences with other parents and learn that they also face the same challenges. This wonderful organization has allowed me to share my expertise as a financial professional with parents of children with special needs, as I too have discovered that there are unique challenges we face as parents when it comes to financial planning”. Check out “What You Need to Know” shared by Renora and Merit.
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