Spectrum Super Star February 2016

CONGRATS to this month's Spectrum Super Star!

Linda Jamison

We are happy to recognize Linda Jamison as our February 2016 Spectrum Super Star of the month!

My name is Linda Jamison, and I want to thank you for nominating me to be a Spectrum Super Star! I am flattered, grateful and appreciative!

I am mom to 4 fabulous children: Claire, Alex, Sam and Genevieve. Sam is my spectrum sweetie.

Sam was 2 ½ years old when we got the official ASD diagnosis. Eventually I explored some different support groups and struggled trying to find a group where my family and I fit in-until I found Spectrum. Spectrum fit. Spectrum worked. Spectrum ‘got’ me and my family and our joys and struggles and triumphs and everything. Spectrum is my safe place and where I learn so much and where I go to get questions answered or feedback for a particular issue we are facing.

My kids are all teenagers plus now. Claire, I am proud to say, is pursuing her SLP even as I type. Some of her earliest memories are of our SLP working with Sam, and watching him go from a non-verbal toddler to a fully expressive kiddo! Early intervention works, people!!!

Spectrum has been a God-send. The monthly meetings are informative, the camps offered and fantastic and I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful organization. Currently, I am the FBCD liaison for the monthly meetings, and the Gift of Time Respite Coordinator at FBCD. I volunteer when and where I can. I treasure the time I get to spend serving and am grateful to be a part of this group.

Sam, by the way, is 15 years old now. He is a freshman at Duluth High School in a Level 3 Autism class and doing really well. He loves high school and in interested in pursuing a career involving plumbing.

Spectrum says, “Thank you Linda for being our liaison with First Baptist Duluth and serving as coordinator for our Gift of Time respite program. We appreciate all that you do for Spectrum!”

Thank you Linda for your support of Spectrum!